Potter’s Wheel Education Services is a company in the field of education & training successfully operating in the city of Hyderabad in the state of Telengana in India.  It started in the year 2013 to bring a change in the current education system in the country.

Our vision is to give the foundation to develop an Entrepreneurial child. Do all this while making it fun for the child to learn.

Over the last four years

  • Have developed our own brand of pre-schools with our own curriculum which is very unique.
  • Have developed a foundation for after-school and extra-curricular activity in schools.
  • Have developed a wide range of training programs for teachers.
  • Have developed a wide range of training programs and unique activities for fostering life skills in students
  • Have successfully trained in some of the best schools in the city and in some NGO schools in rural Telengana.


Our Directors are well educated professionals from both education and non-education fields. But all of us are passionate about schooling and its impact in the community.