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Preschool At East Maredpally

About our Preschool

We believe that this preschool has to be "The Second Best Place for your child, First being your Home".

Our aim has always been to provide a space where children learn as they play. Our method of instruction ensures that the child's cognitive, creative and problem solving abilities are stimulated through activities and learning material. Our comprehensive curriculum is modern and fun.

Our Teachers are well-trained and our staff courteous. We have behavioural experts and doctors on call.

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Admission Schedule

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There are 2 terms of the school. The first term is from June to October and the second term is from November to April.

However admissions are open throughout the year for Play Group and Nursery.

Class Age Group

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Play group - 1.5 Years to 2.5 Years

Nursery - 2.5 Years to 3.5 Years

Preprimary 1 - 3.5 Years to 4.5 Years

Preprimary 2 - 4.5 Years to 5.5 Years