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Preschool Curriculum & Philosophy

Mokokoma Mokhonoana in The Confessions of a Misfit said

"School overpopulates students’ minds with too much of what happened yesterday; seldom with what the students can do today, or, tomorrow.”.

A Potter’s Wheel Child is an Entrepreneurial Child who is

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Independent thinking, Critical Thinking Skills and innovation go hand in hand. When every other school trains to a test and encourages memorisation of “facts”, we want to teach each child to think for themselves.

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A confident child is happy, secure and more able to face the complex world. Self-confidence rises out of a sense of competence. We in our schools with experiential learning process help build their confidence.

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The world requires problem solvers, who can think logically and have reasoning skills. The most effective way to foster these skills is to teach those skills explicitly. We do not teach rote solutions to a question, but help them learn the skill to reach the solution by themselves developing their logical skills..

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Albert Einstein had said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Where every other school tries to stifle imagination and creativity, we want to foster it, to encourage it so that today’s children can solve tomorrow’s problems.

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Potter’s Wheel Pre-School Philosophy
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Our Philosophy forms the core of how our Curriculum and therefore the Content is designed
  • Potter’s Wheel believes that each child is unique and has immense capacity to learn in a unique way.
  • Potter’s wheel is a playground for kids where they dribble with thoughts, ideas and imagination. They learn while they play.
  • Kids are surrounded with the best teachers and use the best learning aids.
  • Kids get ready for the real world with a strong mind and a soft heart. Their attitude, character and personality is shaped here.
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Potter’s Wheel Preschool Curriculum
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Based on our philosophy and our partnership with Preschools from US (New York) and South Africa we have developed our own curriculum which has the following features
  • Based on the NCERT Curriculum
  • Includes the UNICEF charter of Children’s Rights and Learnings
  • Curriculum is child centric and based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences
  • A unique combination of Play way method, and Montessori method with a sprinkling of Waldorf and High Scope methods to develop something totally our own.
  • Learning at Potter’s Wheel is experiential. We believe that any kind of learning should be the outcome of an actual experience.
  • Curiosity is encouraged and learning is always a fun-filled, exploratory process for children.