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Teacher Training Programs

Dr Abdul Kalam said

“Let me define a Leader. He must have Vision and Passion and not be afraid of any problem. Instead, he should know how to defeat it. Most importantly, he must work with Integrity”

Research and common sense both tell us that "Great teachers help create great students". In fact research shows that an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement - both quantifiable (marks) and qualitative (development of a child).

So it is critical to pay close attention to how schools train and support both new and experienced teachers. Ongoing professional development keeps teachers up-to-date on new research on how children learn, emerging technology tools for the classroom, new curriculum resources, and more.

For every teacher who is not learning and growing there are 12 students who are not learning and growing at some level

Teacher Training Programs by Potter's Wheel
Potter's Wheel offers the following Teacher Training programs


Problem Being Addressed

Teachers play a great role in the society. While they address the most common role of imparting knowledge to children, they serve several other roles, such as, creating a learning environment in the classroom, being a role model, coaching and mentoring students, observing and addressing any challenges. Their impact on the students lasts beyond the bounds of a classroom and stretches to shaping them as responsible youth, driving the world towards a better future.

About the Program

PRभाव, through its comprehensive 4-module structure, equips teachers to be better prepared towards their role in shaping the future generation. It aims at supporting teachers drive better teaching-learning impact by imparting social-behavioral skills in their everyday classroom environment. The activity-driven approach provides the teachers an opportunity to experience well-researched best practices and make a better informed decision on adopting such practices in their classroom

वृति English

Problem Being Addressed

Most Schools in India now have English as the medium of instruction. However most teachers do not have a good English medium education (many come from vernacular medium) and often have trouble using the language to teach. This leads to students having bad English language skills and this impacts the understanding of other subjects that they are learning. This also leaves the parents with a bad impression about the school.

About the Program

वृति English as it’s name suggests is a 3 level program for developing English language skills in any profession especially teaching. The basic level is a 24 day classroom based training followed by a 6 month intervention program which helps teachers get a functional knowledge of the English language. The Intermediary and Advance Levels are a 15 day classroom training followed by a 3 month intervention.

Problem Being Addressed

Over 3500 research studies have shown that the best predictor of college readiness is 8th grade achievement. But hormonal changes during this period of their lives makes it difficult for the adolescent to sit still for long periods of time and concentrate on something. Increased stress on the body due to release of Cortisol gets in the way of learning. Short attention span, drowsiness, irritability makes it difficult for a teacher to teach.

About the Program

THIतिक्षा, is a training program which helps teachers understand the issues facing the adolescent learner. THIतिक्षाis based on many of the research findings which have a full array of recommended programs and practices for adolescents which will help an adolescent become a learner. The activity-driven approach equips teachers to be better prepared towards their role in shaping the future generation and helps them deal with students at a crucial juncture in their life.


Problem Being Addressed

Primary School is the first building block in the education of a child. This is also the period when the child requires the teacher the most for learning. A Primary School teacher needs to be able to not only teach the subject but also help children become self-learners and self-confident. She needs to be extremely organised to be able to handle 30+ active

and extremely enthusiastic students. She needs to be patient, caring and most importantly have a sense of humour. This is also where in India, research has shown we have the most undertrained teachers in the school system.

About the Program

प्राथMIK is a four day training program which covers a wide ranging topics which are needed by a Primary School Teacher to be effective in the classroom It equips these teachers with the tools and techniques which have worked Internationally and in India to make their classes both interesting and effective. Each of these modules can be done independently but the most effective method is to do these as a single program