About Us

Potter’s Wheel Education Services is a company in the field of education & training successfully operating in the city of Hyderabad in the state of Telengana in India.  It started in the year 2013 to bring a change in the current education system in the country.


Our Vision

Give the foundation to develop an Entrepreneurial child. Do this while making it fun for the child to learn.


What do we do?

Potter’s Wheel is involved in impacting schooling by empowering schools and teachers through the following programs


Pre School Education

This is the first area that Potter’s Wheel explored. We have been in the Preschool business for the last 4 years and have over the period of time developed our own Curriculum, Marketing Strategies and Training Programs

Training Activites

To improve the educational standards at various schools, Potter’s Wheel offers various training programs and activities for both teachers and students