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VARK- Different Learning Styles

June 28, 2020
One thing that all parents and teachers must recognize is that each child learns differently. In early childhood education, a teaching method that works for one child may not work on the other children. All children do not respond in the same way to an input given by the teacher. One explanation is that we react differently based on our learning style. As parents and teachers,we have to identify a childs learning style. The predominant learning styles are summed up by the acronym VARK Visual, Auditory, Read / Write, and Kinesthetic / Tactile (VARK) These learning stylesmust be identified based on the inclination that a child display towards visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic/tactile input. Visual learnersunderstand and remember things by sight. They are fascinated by colors and images. These children may have difficulty get distracted by other imagery when they are studying. Auditory/ Aural learnersaregood at listening and remembering things they have heard. To optimize learning, these children need to study at a place that is free from auditory distractions. Read/ writelearners learn best by reading and writing. Thesechildren are good at remembering things they read or write. Kinesthetic/ Tactilelearners learn and remember things by physical movement of touching and doing. These children are active, well-coordinated, and have good athletic ability. The learners are usually expressive with gestures and may have difficulty sitting still while learning. In our next article, we will learn how to deal with each learning style of a child.

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