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Online Class Tips for Parents

June 28, 2020
If your child is attending a live online class, here are some tips for you: 1) Set up the computer/ Laptop so your child can not only easily see the screen but has free working space around him to draw, write or dome some small activity. 2) Set up in a way that either there is sunlight or some source of light falling on the child so our teachers can see the child clearly when they talk to them. 3) Choose a room where you or some adult can hear and switch off any source of background noise like TV or Radio 4) We will share the lesson plan with you, and most content will be available for you online. Please take some time to go through so that you can talk about the lessons with your child. Your involvement will encourage your child to participate in the online lessons more effectively. 5) There is going to be a physical kit with worksheets, stationery, and some accessories. Please help your child by providing what is requested near his working space before the lesson starts. 6) We will suggest activities that work as a springboard for extending the learning at home. 7) Keep a specific time of the day to focus on real-life learning for Play and Exploration. Suitable suggestions will be mailed to you from time to time by the teacher. 8) Please be patient with the use of technology as most teachers have worked hard and spent many hours learning it, but they are still new to this method of teaching. 9) There will be specific online activities which your child will need your guidance with, like interactive games or quizzes. These are important as the teacher gets feedback about the child and can focus on areas that the child needs. Please remember that all the teachers want to genuinely help the child through these tough times and make them school ready and realize their potential.

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