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Council for Creative Education - CCE-FINLAND brings the best educational practices of Finland to the world, and we are associated with them as partners for schools in our part of the world.

Potter's Wheel, in association with CCE-Finland, offers online teacher training and school development programs from Pre-Primary to Higher Education. We bring the world-renowned Finnish model of education to India and, as partners assist in the customization of curriculum and pedagogy.


Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland is a global organization originating from Tampere, Finland, with the motto of redefining education through creativity. We provide tailor-made teacher training and school development programs from pre-primary to higher education. Our programs are based on research and expertise from Finnish universities and academia. We provide insights into the Finnish education system through educational tours and student camps by which the participants understand how creativity is blended well within the Finnish classroom and curriculum. Along with Finland, we operate in MEA, Nigeria, America, Australia, and Asia with our collaborators and network. Team CCE Finland has already served customers and educators from more than 35 countries.


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