Potter's Wheel

Potter's Wheel preschool has been in existence since 2013 in East Maredpally in the city of Secunderabad in the state of Telangana. It is a Preschool cum Daycare cum Activity Centre.

In the last 4 years this Preschool cum Daycare cum Activity Centre has seen

  • Over 200 students pass through preschool
  • Over a 100 daycare children come through our doors
  • Over 50 children takes arts and crafts classes
  • Over 40 children take after-school classes
  • Over 30 children take our dance classes
  • Over 10 children take chess classes
  • And the list goes on

Timings for these are as follows





Weekdays                  09.00 AM to 01.00 PM



Weekdays                  12.30 PM to 06.30 PM

Saturdays                  09.00 AM to 06.30 PM

Activity Centre           

Weekdays                 04.00 PM to  06.00 PM

Weekends                 09.00 AM to 06.00  PM