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Who can be a Partner?

  • Are you an existing preschool or a planning to set up a new preschool or even a school who is looking to bring some modern teaching methodology into their preschool curriculum?
  • Are you looking for a partner who can help achieve excellence in academics and child welfare?
  • Are you looking for a partner who will not charge you an exorbitant price to help you with your goals?
  • Are you looking for a partner who does not expect you to spend lakhs of rupees on unnecessary infrastructure changes?

Then you might be the right partner for Potter’s Wheel Preschool

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What is Potter’s Wheel Preschool Partnership Program

As part of our journey as a preschool, we at Potter’s Wheel developed a unique curriculum and partnerships with companies and people who can help make an independent preschool worthwhile. We would like to share this curriculum with as many preschools as may be interested in partnering with us.

So what does this partnership entail?

  • You get our entire content based on our curriculum for teaching Playgroup to UKG.
  • We will help train your teachers in all that is needed for running achieve academic excellence while making it fun for the kids.
  • We will help develop your preschool into an after-school activity centre
  • Help you with a little bit of Marketing support

Is this like a franchise?

No. This is not a franchise, we are your partners.  This means you do not pay us exorbitant franchisee fees or royalties. We do not ask you spend huge amounts of money to get a certain look for your preschool. Nor do we tell you what fees you should be charging your students or what kind of marketing spends you should be doing. We believe that you as residents of your area know best.

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What do you get as part of our Partnership

A Comprehensive preschool content

  • Detailed Curriculum Plan schedule broken by Month-Week-Day-Class
  • Detailed Lesson plans for every class
  • Worksheets for Children
  • Activity items for Children
  • Games and Books for various lessons
  • Stationery required (except for chalk) for doing the lessons
  • Nursery Rhymes / Songs/ Phonic sounds / Cartoons etc. – both video and audio

You also get 15 Days of Teacher Training which includes  all the topics required for a trained preschool teacher followed by handholding through the year

We also provide access to our network of after-school activity instructors for various programs like Vedic Maths, Robotics, Music, Dance, Karate etc.


Ready to find out more?

If you are interested in becoming our partner contact us

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