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Every child is like clay. The shaping process is long and hard. It requires great skills and workmanship to shape a child. Our senior child mentors shape them with a great deal of dedication and commitment. They handle each child with a great deal of thoroughness and carefulness.

Potter's Wheel Fusion Preschool has handpicked the best of child mentors from around the country to serve you the best.

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Coucil for Creative Education

Finnish early childhood education and care comprises care, education and teaching to support children's balanced growth, development and learning.

All pre-primary schools and daycare centers in Finland have an action plan in place, based on the national core curriculum on ECEC. Furthermore, an individual early childhood education and care plan is drawn up for each child, in collaboration with the child's parents, and it is reviewed at regular intervals. Strong emphasis is also placed on the informal sharing of the child's daily activities with the parents. The relationship between parents and the carer or educator is an essential part of the child's well-being. When children participate in meaningful and relevant activities, they experience feelings of success and the joy of learning.

We are members of the Council for Creative Education - Finland and collaborate with them to bring the best Finnish practice into our Fusion School Model.


At Potter's Wheel Fusion Preschool we help build a super-strong foundation for your child.

You need a strong foundation to build a great building. It demands a solid foundation to build a superstructure of your dreams. A great childhood is a strong foundation for life. At Potter's Wheel Fusion Preschool we help build this super-strong foundation for your child.

Top Six Benefits of a Fusion Preschool


Two Teachers

One teacher works on the strong concept, and the other teacher focuses on applying them on the learners.

Two Teachers


Finland Model

We apply the world's best early childhood education policies from Finland, which is based on an integrated approach to education and care, the so-called "educare" model.

Finland Model


Time Choice

We run our preschool in two shifts - morning and afternoon, offering you an opportunity to choose one of your preference & convenience.

Time Choice


Access to daily recorded sessions

Parents get access to the recording of the daily classes by early evening on the same day. They can use this to discuss with their child and engage him/ her into activities that have just been taught on the day. This helps in reinforcement in the child's mind and leaves no confusion for the parents. Parents also can see their ward's activities in the preschool with total transparency.

Access to daily recorded sessions


Mindful Parenting Guidance

Mindful parenting is the hardest job on the planet and you need an expert to guide you. We focus on child's development and hence involve parents too actively.

Mindful Parenting Guidance


Lockdown-apt Online Classes

With prevailing uncertainties, we need to be prepared well for the worst situations. Our hybrid model can easily be turned into an online class in moments.

Lockdown-apt Online Classes
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