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Potter's Wheel

Get these 20 advantages


Offer world class preschool services. Wherever you are, however smaller your city is, you can offer the world class preschool services now.


Be with a national level brand. It helps in growing your business.

Be a Potter's Wheel Admin

We have the provision of Divisional Partners/ Administrators. Each Administrator shall have the control over all the constituent districts in the given division as per the article 1 of the Indian Constitution.

Be a potter's Wheel Admin and unlock various sources of income

Be a Potter's Wheel Admin


No academic obligation. We take all the course related responsibilities


No hiring teachers. No burden of teacher salary. Only recruiting assistants with our support.


Double your income with the same resources. Using time slot as a resource. Double shift - double income.


Multiple revenue opportunities. Apart from preschool, you get the benefits of running the day-care, afterschool programs, summer camp, winter camp, online preschool, home preschool, etc.


Protected territory. Only one PW Preschool in a pin-code. You enjoy the exclusivity in a particular zone.


First mover advantage. Till the time there are other PW preschool in your city/ town, you get the advantage and can enrol students beyond your designated territory.


NEP 2020 compliance. We're one of the firsts to implement the NEP 2020 in our curriculum and that's a big marketing advantage that you get through the association.


New innovations. We being futuristic in approach shall always bring new ideas, thoughts and innovations in our services, which shall always be a marketing advantage for you.


Branding support. You'll never ever feel the requirement to think of new marketing approaches and creating new marketing and branding designs, communications & collaterals. You get everything from us - literally in all forms like posters, advertisements, banners, billboards, videos, etc. We keep refreshing them constantly.


An exclusive webpage. Every PW preschool gets an exclusive page on our website. This page can be used as your landing page in all local marketing & promotions.


SEO advantage. This webpage also serves the purpose of local search optimization. It shall have all the keywords that the local parents can ever search on the internet. It's a great advantage.


Pooled marketing support. Through the Potter's Wheel Administrator, our main objective is to have coordination and collaboration in the digital and social media marketing, both contributing to cost effective and powerful marketing, which is otherwise either not possible or is costly for an individual preschool.


Experience sharing. As the principal, we've a pool of talented, skilled and experienced professionals for all the functions and departments of early childhood education - academics, research, human resources, teachers training, marketing, sales, etc. As our partners in the business, you get all the support continuously.


Leadership training. We strive for excellence and are committed to be the leaders in the domain with a plan to have over 19,000 preschools in the country, one in every pin-code. We've our eyes to start the international operations too. This shall give you the leadership advantage always.


Material support. Whatever be the material requirement - books, stationery, curriculum, bags, uniforms, furniture, audio-visual equipment, etc., we have the best sourcing in terms of vendor tie-ups, quality and price.


Technology support. As an innovator, our MD has always been on a lookout for automation and process mechanization. You'll always find technological advancements happening at Potter's Wheel and shall always avail the benefit of it.


Ongoing training. We believe that a lot of transformation can happen through training & development. Hence, we've a policy of quarterly training of our partners. You get this benefit regularly.


Administrator's support. An administrator is just few kilometres away from you. He is the closest connect and shall always be available to help you in any crisis situation.

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