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For ease of support & control, we've created a hierarchy for quality management & maintenance.

States in India are divided into various districts, and to have administrative convenience, these districts are grouped together to form zones. Each state has a different number of zones/divisions (mandals).

According to the Administrative Divisions of India 2021, currently, there are 773 districts in India grouped into 102 administrative divisions.

At Potter's Wheel, our plan is to create a network of Fusion Preschools, one in each pin-code.

We have divided india into four regions:

These are East, West, North and South

Each region shall be managed by our Regional Managers.

Under each Regional Managers, shall be State Managers.

Lower in the order, we've the provision of Divisional Partners/ Administrators. Each Administrator shall have the control over all the constituent districts in the given division as per the article 1 of the Indian Constitution.

Roles & Responsibilities of a PW Administrator

  1. Appoint PW partners in his/ her assigned territory with one in a pin-code policy
  2. Coordinate with the PW partners for pooled/ collective marketing, specially the digital & social media marketing
  3. Manage logistics between Head Office & the PW Partners.

Income of a PW Administrator

  1. Share in annual affiliation fees from each PW Partner appointed in his/ her territory.
  2. Share in annual fees from each PW student enrolled in his/ her territory.
  3. Share in monthly fees from each PW student enrolled in his/ her territory.
  4. Share in curriculum kit sold to each PW student in his/ her territory in any format Fusion Preschool, Online Preschool, Home Preschool.
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