Our Ideology

The thought behind Potter's Wheel

Children are like clay.

The way you mould them is the way they become. And it's not a child's play. It requires a great amount of knowledge, skills & experience to mould a child. Our Child Mentors have them all.

Moulding a child is not a copy & paste process. Every child is different and needs to handle differently.

You can't afford to make your child moulded by amateurs and the inexperienced.

At Potter's Wheel, your child is mentored by the most experienced.

A little casual approach may leave its mark forever.

The task demands a great deal of dedication and commitment along with a high degree of accuracy and precision.

Not every child is the same. An experienced potter can easily identify the quality of clay and shall mould it accordingly.

Not just moulding, child requires different facets ingrained at early years.We Produce Masterpieces.

Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as outside.

And it never fades.

When the potter put his heart & soul in it, with all the love and care, the outcome is generally a masterpiece.

The potter must feel happy, satisfied and accomplished after being able to mould a pot.

A sense of achievement in the potter improves the confidence and self-esteem in both, the teacher and the child.

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